Guy Lombardo

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Auld Lang Syne

de Enjoy Yourself: The Hits Of Guy Lombardo

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Guy Lombardo Wishes You A Very Happy New Year

de Enjoy Yourself: The Hits Of Guy Lombardo

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon

de Guy Lombardo On Planet Swing


Auld Lang Syne

de Auld Lang Syne

1:00À partir de $1.29

Medley: Shine On Harvest Moon / My Gal Sal / Seems Like Old Times

de Auld Lang Syne

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Guy Lombardo - The Perfect Song - Ti-Pi-Tin - Liebestraum - Yours And Mine - When My Dreamboat Comes Home - The Old Apple Tree - It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane - Sweethearts On Parade - It Ain't Necessarily So - I Got Plenty 'O' Nuttin' - There Is No Greater (Full Vinyl Album)
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Guy Lombardo - It's Love-Love-Love (Billboard Hot 100 - No. 01)